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Did you know about Budapest?

The special touristic attraction of Hungary is given by thermal baths ( In Hungary, following Island, the biggest surface-thermal water can be found all over the world ).Thermal springs can be found all of the regions of Hungary.In Middle-Europe the only capital city is Budapest where thermal baths are.Their daily output is 70 million liter on 19 different degrees.

It was starting to use at the end of the 19th cenury.

Budapest won the award of The city of Baths in 1934.  It was admired internationally by the National Congress in 1937.
80 thermal and mineral water, furthermore 400 bitterwater can be found in Budapest.Their temperature is changing between 24-78 degrees.

In Buda warm watered springs erupted spontaneiously, while on Margaret island tube-wells are used.In Budapest waters containing sulphur are appropriate for curing various illnesses.The first thermal artesian wells were settled in 1867 in Budapest.

The ’0’ km stone symbolises  the point of departure of main routes in Budapest.The 2m wide and 3 m high bath stone made by Miklós Borsos was initiated in Clark Adam square in 1975. The statue forms a ’0’ character  and only 2 letters are on it: “KM”. From this point the kilometer numbers of the Hungarian main routes are counted.